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The product that I am offering at this time is: Lasered Gematria Products & Langenburg  powder. All  are offered at a substantial savings.

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Cellfood DNA RNA 1 Fluid oz.           $43.95              $31.00
Complete Aminos 270 Capsules     $55.77              $38.00
Dual Carnitine 60 capsules              $38.77              $28.00
EPA-DHA 90 Capsules                 $29.77              $24.00
Emperor's Brew                         $40.77              $29.00
Flex-J C 90 Capsules                  $33.77              $27.00
GemAminos (Brain Formula)         $43.77              $32.00
 Gem Balance 90 Capsules          $32.77              $26.00
Gem Balance 5 (90 Capsules)      $38.77              $29.00
GemZymes*** 90 Capsules        $56.77              $37.00
HeartGems 90 Capsules             $36.77              $27.00
 ImmuneBoost 1 Fluid oz.           $35.77              $27.00
 Immune Support Botanicals II    $75.00              $46.50
 Lipo 120 Capsules                         $35.77             $27.00
 Lite Body Gems 120 capsules     $45.77             $33.00
 L-Lysine 90 capsules                   $17.77              $16.00
 L-Ornithine 60 capsules            $23.77              $19.00
 MagSpectrum 120 capsules        $29.77              $24.00 Methusalife                            $44.77              $31.00
 MSM 120 capsules                 $24.77               $22.00
 Nitroxx 180 capsules                  $44.77               $32.00
On The Go Complete               $49.95               $39.00
OXY-Immune Trace Minerals     $35.77               $27.00
Phyto 5000                           $34.77               $27.00
Recharge 1 Fluid oz.               $33.77               $26.00
Stem Pulse 90 Capsules          $80.00               $77.00
Striatal Support Formula         $34.77               $27.00
Systema Stem Cell Support     $80.00              $57.00
Total Calm 90 capsules             $27.77              $23.00
UltraMins 180 capsules             $36.77              $27.00
Re Luma Eye Cream              $85.00              $77.00
Re Luma Skin Anti-Aging      $131.25            $114.00

Gematria Products, Inc. is the brainchild of Todd Ovocaitys, MD. CEO, and Nutritional Formulater.
Gematria was created with the intent to provide the most scientifically advanced, safe, nutritional supplements available today. Our line focuses on anti-aging, brain performance, and joint support-though there is something for every system of your body. His precise formulas are further enhanced by a patented technology called “Quantum Information Technology” or QI Technology- the ability to reshape
molecules and enhance their nutritional absorption. QI Technology homogenizes the molecules making them self-similar, and thus easier for your body to use. This homogenization has been revealed through the hard science of X-ray crystallography.

If you are not familiar with Gematria products you can obtain descriptions of their products at their website: www.gematriaproducts.com and then order from me to get the prices I have listed. You may phone or email me with your order and I will send you a PayPal request for funds. You do not have to have a PayPal account to do this transaction with them NOTE: If your order is $50.00 with a minimum of 2 or more products my prices include shipping to your home except for out of country. For smaller orders I will need to add shipping charges. Also there is an additional charge for tax for CA residents. FOR ORDERING OR ADDITIONAL INFO CONTACT: Suzy Star 541 736-5150 suzystar@earthlink.net


Seven-Sided Oxygen Therapies The physics and biochemistry of healing the body is incredibly complex and yet very simple with the correct understanding of how the body and mind function.  The body is given or born with a genetic tool called cellular memory which is connected with every cell in the body and can function to its fullest genetic expression as long as it receives the natural and energetic nutrients to keep it functioning.  The cell also has a neurological connection to the entire body that allows it to intercommunicate with every other cell in the body.  When a cell becomes undernourished or damaged it can die prematurely or become separated from the lifelines that keep it healthy and part of the whole.  The purpose of Langenburg Water and our Formula #17 is to re-stimulate the cell's normal activity and rebuild the structures and organs that have been damaged and/or destroyed. Oxygen is a key factor to achieving optimal health as we have grave deficiency of this substance left on earth.  Just a few decades ago we had 35 % environmental oxygen in the atmosphere to breathe.  Today we have only 17.5% environmental oxygen. There are three products that are used in the process of recovery and each has its very distinctive and important job. 

Langenburg Seven-Sided Oxygenated Water is the tool that penetrates into dehydrated structures of the body and breaks apart the ionic bonds of substance or structure that are atypical to the bodies normal function.  This process of hydration liberates toxins, poisons, dissolves plaque, breaks down scar tissue etc.,  but primarily supplies the body with a form of water that allows the body to function normally again.  The number one reason that a body suffers from degenerative disease is due to dehydration.  Langenburg Water will quickly hydrate the body's tissues due to its molecular size.  Most city and commercially prepared waters are very large molecular structures that are too big to adequately penetrate the cell walls of normal tissue or degenerative barriers present in a diseased body.  Aquarius' seven-sided oxygenated water's very small molecular size is capable of penetrating through toxic barriers which have caused cells to "suffocate".  This suffocation makes it literally impossible for the cells to receive any nutrients and thus disables the cell.  Langenburg Water can break through the suffocating barriers which cause the cell to become disabled, and allows the stagnated function of a cell to resume normal activity.  The environment of these "suffocated" cells is one of high acidity.  When the body becomes too acidic (a pH level below 6.5) any number of harmful conditions and diseases sets into motion. Order from 541 687-0139.

 Formula #17 is  a white crystalline powder that contains seven-sided oxygen crystals, as well as a host of other nutrients including the mono-atomic elements that regenerate and rebuild the normal tissue of the body.  The primary purpose of this formula is to maintain and regenerate.  Some of the ingredients included are B1, B2, B6, B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Nicotinic Acid, Boron, and Pro biotic’s.  Each one of these supplements are extracted and processed in a way to maintain 100% of their bio-availability and optimum cellular frequency.  It is a very expensive process and has taken over 35 years of research and development to attain these products and combinations thereof.  It is important to note that the vitamins and nutrients in this Formula is 100% natural and derived from optimal sources which the body recognizes and absorbs.  Most current vitamins on the market are synthetic and/or chemical and cannot be recognized nor absorbed by the body.  This can be damaging to the liver, kidneys, and overall health of the body and mind.  When vitamins and nutrients are synthetic and/or chemically produced, overuse causes toxicity (the non- absorption factor causes these toxic ingredients to be deposited in the kidneys, liver, blood, and entire body).  When this occurs, the body becomes poisoned.

 Langenburg Formula #17 helps to maintain the health of the nerves (proper function of the nervous system), cells (cell growth and respiration), skin, hair, liver, bones, teeth, and tissue.  It also maintains healthy muscle growth and tone throughout the entire body (i.e. gastrointestinal tract, stomach, heart, and blood cell formation/antibody production), carbohydrate metabolism, and the production of hydrochloric acid, which is important for proper digestion.  This Formula will have a positive effect on energy, growth, normal appetite, learning capacity (i.e. enhanced memory), and overall brain function.  The Formula aids in converting fats, carbohydrates, and proteins into energy.  The Formula serves as an antioxidant and protects the body from the degenerative effects of aging, alcohol consumption, and toxins in food and beverage. The Langenburg Formula #17 has properties that aid in the synthesis of the nucleic acids RNA and DNA, which contain the genetic instructions for the reproduction of all cells and for normal cellular growth.  The Formula activates many enzymes.  In addition, the Formula will help prevent nerve damage, maintain fertility, and promote normal growth and development by maintaining the fatty sheaths that cover and protect nerve endings.  The Formula
is needed for the proper transmission of nerve impulses from the brain through the central nervous system, as well as for gallbladder regulation, liver function, and lecithin formation. It aids in hormone production and minimize excess fat in the liver because it aids in fat and cholesterol metabolism.  Without the essential ingredients contained in this Formula brain function and regeneration is impaired. This Formula also has attributes which aids in the alleviation of stress, depression, anxiety and an array of other emotional disorders.  Formula #17 is an "Activator" for every cell in the human body.  Taking this Formula will allow the brain and body to function how they were intended to function - healthily, happily, in synergy and balance. Copyright © 2008 Langenburg Water

 For questions, price and directions for ordering  the powder, please call or email Suzy Star at (541) 736-5150 or suzystar@earthlink.net. The website is www.langenburgwater.com