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By: Suzy Star                              www.suzystar.net                              January 2010

Many have asked how I found out what my mission in the life is all about and so I will relate my story as best I can.
In the spring of 2003, I received an email from a man who identified himself as a spiritual Rocket Scientist from California who had been getting some of the emails I had been sending out forwarded to him. He went on to tell me that he lived in a very 3-D world and felt like a “fish out of water” and he would be very happy if I would agree to communicate with him. This sparked a resonate cord in me as I had for quite a few years been sending out emails of a spiritual nature and my email list had grown to quite a few hundred of other like souls who were seeking more enlightening news than was currently on our television and in our newspapers.
After a few emails back and forth he asked if I had ever done any “mutual dreaming” and would I be open to trying some with him. While I had done lots of remote viewing in our Ramtha School that I had been attending for the last 18 years, I could not say that I had ever engaged in any mutual dreaming and so I agreed to participate.
This opened up a whole new world for me as when I followed his suggestions, we discovered that we had many past lifetimes together that were revealed to us in our mutual dreaming. One day in July, I received a call from him and he told me he was visiting his cousin in North Dakota with his 4 children and would be coming back through WA where I was currently living. He wanted to stop by to meet me in person. At the time, I was running a “bed & Breakfast” in a beautiful old farmhouse in Yelm, WA where I lived and attended the Ramtha School. There was a vacant room so I invited him to stay overnight with his children.
I prepared a dinner for him and his children and after our meal, the children gathered around the television and he and I had a great time getting acquainted. We talked about our ET connections and since he had recall of being a Pleadian, I told him about my friend, James Gilliland, who is also a Pleadian and has a Sanctuary in Trout Lake, WA at the base of Mt. Adams where he has had, lots of contact with the Pleadian spaceships.  Then the subject of crop circles came up and he mentioned that he would love to see a crop circle but had neither the time nor money to travel to Europe. I suggested that we focus on creating a crop circle in CA so we went out into my back yard and spent some time focusing on seeing a crop circle near his home.
The next morning we had breakfast together and then he piled his kids in the car and took off for home. Later that day I received an email from him telling me that less than an hour after he arrived home and less than an hour’s drive from his home, the largest crop circle that has ever been seen in the United States was discovered in a farmer’s field near Fairfield, CA.
He was able to visit the crop circle and took many pictures of himself in the circle that he sent me. He also told me about a man, Steve Moreno, that he met at the crop circle who was a UFO and crop circle investigator who knew about James Gilliland and his Sanctuary and suggested he visit James.
In October he came back to visit me and then drove to Trout Lake to meet with James and attempt to make contact with the Pleadians. While he was there, James gave him some Aquarius Water to drink and when he arrived back home he emailed me and told me the exciting news about the water and what a profound effect it had on him. He suggested I get some and so I looked it up on the internet and ordered some. Within an hour after consuming the water, I noticed some remarkable changes in me also, the most noticeable being the lifting of the “brain fog”. After consuming the water for three days, all the stiffness left my body and I found I was bouncing around with new found energy.
I called James to report the news to him and he invited my friend and me to come to his Sanctuary for the Concordance Celebration, the first part of November. So we did and we spent 4 wonderful days there. On the last day we were there we were alone with James sitting at his table visiting when all of a sudden, James got very quiet and closed his eyes for a few minutes and then he looked at me and said he had just received a message from the brilliant scientist who was producing the water and he told James to tell me that he needed to meet me. James told me to come to the fundraiser that was being held for him in Portland, as this man would be there.
So the middle of November a friend and I drove to Portland to attend the fund-raiser for James and to meet the brilliant scientist. When I went down the stairs to the reception room I saw a large group of people standing around a man that I instinctively knew was the brilliant scientist. I very quietly walked up behind him and he reached back with both arms and took my face in his hands. Tilting his head back he looked at me and said “I have been waiting for you”. He then turned toward me and told me to go outside and wait for him and he would join me shortly. I went outside and after a few minutes he came out and gave me a card with his private cell phone number on it. He told me he wanted me to come to Oregon as soon as possible to meet with him and gave me the phone number of his personal assistant who he said would always know how to reach him if I could not reach him on his private number. I asked him if it was alright for me to bring someone with me and he said yes.  He then left and I rejoined my friend in the reception room and after a while we left to drive back to Yelm. I was very puzzled and yet excited about this encounter.
The next day I called a physicists friend who is in the Ramtha School and asked him if he would be willing to go with me.  In the middle of December of 2003, my friend and I drove to Oregon for my meeting with the brilliant scientist. After the usual warm greetings, he proceeded to tell us a little of his back
ground. He had chosen to incarnate into one of the richest families in Germany. He was privately educated and has 7 PhDs. He then told us that his family has a huge underground lab in Germany where he did most of his training. He told us about all the technology that he was given and showed us many exciting inventions. We talked about the Aquarius Water and the crystalline oxygen it contains. He showed us how he extracts this oxygen from the air and we got to look at how it acts in the blood under a microscope. The oxygen looked like a little round ball of mercury. As I watched, some squiggly things came floating by and the little ball took off and collided with the squiggly thing and it disintegrated. He asked me if I had seen that and then told me the squiggly thing was a virus and that the oxygen acts like a scavenger and whenever it sees a virus or bacteria that it takes off like a torpedo and destroys it. Then he explained how the oxygen looks like a seven sided crystal under a super high powered microscope. So when the water is ingested, the crystal penetrates the cell and kicks out the old carbon based oxygen and replaces it with the crystalline oxygen.
When enough of our cells have been penetrated, we then become telepathic. According to our scientist this oxygen is impossible to make. When you hold it in your hand, it looks like a white powder. He told us about his fabulous spa or chamber where he can heal and rejuvenate people. Just before we left, he took my hands in his and told me that he wanted me to come back next month and bring my partner with me. I was a little surprised at this and asked him “what partner”? I do not have a partner. He smiled and said “You know, that Rocket Scientist Friend of yours”. Well you could have knocked me over with a feather as I had no idea he knew about my friend. He looked at me with a slight smile on his face and said, “Oh, Honey I know more about you than you realize, I have known you for eons and we have lots of work to do together.” So I went back home and e-mailed my friend and told him about my meeting and what he had said about us.
The next month, January 6, 2004, I drove from WA and my partner drove from CA and we spent 5 days with him. Everyday he met with us and explained our mission and trained us. He told us we had worked together for eons for the Galactic Federation and were considered their best, unbeatable team. We had been sent to him to help him accomplish the mission of putting 250 water facilities around the world. He told us that when enough people were consuming this water that the consciousness would have risen sufficiently for him to introduce the rest of his technology which would take us off the grid.
He told us that he wanted to build the first facility in Eugene and that once the first plant was in full production, then money would be no problem and we could then concentrate on locating places and personnel to run the plants.
We were to find people whose consciousness was high enough that when we told them what we were to accomplish they would just say “yes”, I want to be involved. As soon as he told us this, I said yes, I can do this. I know there are people out there who will do this. I was jumping up and down with excitement having come from an environment of highly evolved people in the Ramtha School.
My partner on the other hand was living in a very 3-D world where business involved contracts and written orders. My partner asked for profit and loss statements and business plans. He was told there wouldn’t be any documentation provided. My partner told him that it could not be done without some written proof that they would receive a return on their money. He then said “well then we won’t do it.”  My partner said, "You are a wealthy man", why don’t you take some of your own money and build the first plant. He told him, no, you don’t understand, I have been told that it is now time for the people to step forward and demonstrate that they are ready to evolve. My partner then told him that it would never work, that people would not put money into something that was done on a hand shake. He then told him, you don’t understand, I don’t call all the shots and I have been told that if the consciousness is not high enough for the people to leave the old 3-D methods of dealing with people, then that means they will not make it into the 5th dimension and we will have to wait till they are ready. My partner then told him that millions of people would die and he said, then they will just have to die and we will come back later when they are ready. I of course, knew that the people were ready so I told him that I would locate these people and bring them to him. I told him I would move to OR so I would be near him as I would then be able to devote my full time to this. He worked with us extensively for 4 of the 5 days we spent in Oregon. He told my partner that he had been watching him since he was in the crib and he told me that we had been together for eons and had done much work together in the past and also that my partner and I together had worked for him. He told us that as a child he would be sitting on the floor playing with his toys and information would just start pouring into his brain. He said he felt sometimes like he had a giant funnel over his head.
We asked him if we should go back to college and get our degrees and he told us no! He said that when he got through with us that we would know everything he knew and he wanted my partner to start working on communicating with him telepathically. He told us that the dark forces wanted to stop him from doing much of his work and he said that because of whom he is that he receives diplomatic immunity. He also told us that he gets a lot of information and technology from the ETs. This made perfect sense to me since I have recall of being an Andromedan. He also told us we have at least 5000 years of work ahead of us with him. Many times when I am in his presence, nonverbal communication flows from him to me as he is talking with other people. He one time told me, “Suzy, I know everything you say and do so you better behave.
Within 3 months after I moved here I was able to bring my first investors. They so loved what he was doing that they just wanted to write him a check for $3 mil right on the spot Unfortunately their money was tied up in Turkey and after trying for 5 months they finally had to withdraw their offer to help. I have found many others who have the desire to help but for one reason or another have been blocked from doing so.
Shortly after moving to Oregon, I returned to WA to attend a Retreat with Ramtha who I had been studying with for the past 18 years. Prior to meeting this man: and over a period of several years a vision had presented itself to me of a Community Center that I was to build. This vision had become so complete that I had formed a non-profit organization to build the center in WA. The only thing that had not manifested was the funds to build it. I had received such strong verification that this was my mission, that I was feeling remorse that it had not come together. As I was walking in the field at my retreat, a little light bulb of realization came to me that the water facilities would need a community center where people could come to get healed and learn how to be sovereign individuals and keep our earth clean after we cleaned it up. I could hardly wait to return to OR. So I could tell him of my realization. When I had my audience with him and started excitedly telling him of my revelation, he smiled and gently patted my hand and said “Yes, Dawling, I have just been waiting for you to come to that realization”.
Prior to moving to OR. all my friends were calling me wanting to know why I was moving away. So I decided to have a fare well party and explain why I was leaving. At that party, there was a woman in the gathering that I had not met before. She listened intently as I told the story of my Andromeda encounter with an entity who appeared on my doorstep who was with a tall Nordic looking male and she introduced herself as Light. This was when I lived in Hawaii, prior to moving to WA to be in the school. When I had finished explaining about my mission, this lady came up to me and told me that “Light” was in the room and that through her, had sent me the message that she was happy that I had finally realized my mission on this earth. I thanked her and then turned to my other friends who were waiting to give me their personal farewells.
Two days later, my phone rang and it was this lady who had been to my going away party. She told me that all that day she kept getting a strong message to contact me as she had a message for me. She told me that she is a channel and if I wanted to record it, she would give me this message. She told me that she did not know who it was that wanted to come through so it would be a surprise for her also. So I got my tape recorder out and recorded the message that came through her. It was from Ashtar! He told me that he was overseeing my mission here on this earth and that I was being divinely guided to work with the brilliant scientist and that the business partner that had been commissioned to work with me would accompany and assist me in my mission. She was astounded when she found out that it was Ashtar as he had never come through her before. She has since been channeling Ashtar and he has given some incredible messages through her.
Once I had returned from my Retreat at the Ramtha Ranch and returned to OR. I began in earnest to magnetize potential benevolent investors as we had been directed to do. In March of 2004 I had located my first investors. They were so drawn to the project that they just wanted to write a check on the spot but unfortunately, they had invested their funds in a project in the country of Turkey. They had been told that they could pull their money out whenever they wanted to and so they began proceedings to withdraw their funds Around the middle of that year, 2004 I was able to locate an investor who donated enough funds for us to start our journey in locating potential investors and others who either would play a beneficial role in administering the project or in locating properties that we could use for our centers.
Around the end of June, 2005, I traveled to CA and stayed in a motel overnight near my partner’s home in CA. We were to drive to Reno the next day and then on to Southern CA where we had appointments to meet with potential investors and participants in our project. My partner suggested we focus to see if we could create another crop circle and so we chose to focus on the Aquarius Logo. The next morning before driving on to Reno to meet with clients, we drove to the site of the crop circle that we had created the year before. We drove all around in the area to no avail so we abandoned our search and continued on our journey. After we returned home, my partner received an email from his friend and fellow researcher, Steve Moreno, asking him if he had seen the latest crop circle to appear in CA. It was a beautiful rendition of a water molecule that had appeared in this farmers wheat field and would never have been seen had not a woman who was on her way to work at Davis University spied it from the road, chartered a small plane and flew over the site to photograph it. She then took a local reporter and visited the farmer to get permission to walk on the site. The farmer was so incensed when he found out what she wanted that he forbid them to enter his property and as soon as they left, took his tractor and destroyed the crop circle. Fortunately she flew back over the site and obtained a photograph of the now destroyed crop circle and sent both pictures to Steve Moreno. He in turn sent both pictures to my partner so now we have positive proof that we were able to create crop circles. Pretty powerful manifestor's, would you not say?
In August of that year, my business partner resigned from his job in CA and moved to OR so he could assist me in our mission. We traveled to many places and located other potential investors, one of whom actually came to OR and became involved with our scientist and his company. All together we attracted 4 potential investors but for one reason or another they were not able to free up their funds. Because we were able to demonstrate that the people were ready, our scientist was allowed to start using some of his own money starting building their first water facility in OR.
My business partner is Pleadian and there were lots of differences between us that were very difficult to overcome. We worked together well from a business standpoint but our personal interaction was very strained to say the least. My Andromedan background and my partners Pleadian background did not make for a very compatible relationship.  Our scientist attempted to help us overcome these differences to no avail. Eventually I was told he was going to find me a rich husband and my reply to him, was to just find me someone who would understand me and allow me the freedom to be myself. He said “Why not both?” 

In the spring of 2007 I went to CA on a fundraising trip and during that trip, I fell and fractured my hip. So instead of raising money and recruiting people to be involved in my project, I spent three weeks in the hospital and was dismissed to return home in a wheel chair to finish recuperating. Not giving up, however, I emailed my list of volunteers explaining my temporary set-back and welcoming any ideas or suggestions.
Shortly after I sent this email, I received a call from a man who lives in the UK that I had been introduced  by a long time friend, Dr. Todd. We had been corresponding for the past two years but had never met in person. He had sent me information about his global peace foundation and had told me that he wanted to sponsor my water facilities and community centers when the funds were available through his foundation. He called me in March to tell me that he expected his funds to be available by the end of June and at that point in time, he would give me the funds to bring my rent current and secure that place until his larger funds came through later in the year.
I did not have any further correspondence with him until the middle of June when he called to tell me he had just gotten out of the hospital due to a stroke and another heart attack. He said he was due to go back to the hospital in another 2 weeks to have a by-pass surgery due to a three and a half inch rift in the main aorta leading to the heart. When he told me this, a great welling of compassion rose in me and I told him he needed to come here to receive a healing and to not be concerned about my financial situation as that could wait. He said he wanted to meditate on it and would get back to me in a few days. At the end of June he called to tell me he had booked flight and would arrive in Eugene the 2nd of July.
On the 2nd of July I drove to the airport to pick him up.
On the way back to my house from the airport, I told him about the appointment I had made with my scientist to help heal his heart.  I surprised him as much as he surprised me, as I had not told him about my scientist. He told me that in his meditation a booming voice kept telling him to “Go see Suzy”, so he came here expecting that I was going to heal him!  He then asked me what the charge would be for his treatments and explained that he had not brought any money with him. I suggested we meet with him and he could explain that he expected his money to be in his account upon his return to London and perhaps other arrangements could be made.  When we arrived at our appointment, he allowed us to get our preliminary introductions out of the way and then he looked very intently at George, and told him, “We have got to get you healed, right now! Don’t worry about the money, that can come later” and off we went for a 4 hour session in the healing chamber. George was here for 17 days and of those 17 days he was given 14 treatments of 4 hours each. One week after George went home; the hospital in London ran another cat scan on him and found that the aorta was completely healed!
Those 17 days were very exciting, exhilarating days for me as we got better acquainted with one another. his excitement and passion for the mission was as great as mine and we had wonderful days going over the details and further revelations.
He invited me to be a director of his Global Foundation and we spent time going over the multitude of other projects that the foundation is going to back.
I am now an official member of the Global Foundation and have brought many of my associates aboard.
The plan for the centers has grown so that now in addition to the community centers we will build orphanages, disaster facilities and co-op farms. We will call these “Creative Communities”. And we are now seeking large parcels of land where we can build our communities that will also include the water facilities.

Sadly, George passed this plane after being stricken by an unknown virus in November of 2009 and so our Global Foundation will proceed without his physical presence. He will be sorely missed but his work will still continue and others have stepped forward to take his place so his groundwork will continue and we will still place our centers around the world so everyone will benefit.
At this point in time, we are busy working out details to obtain the funds for our many projects. We have many other humanitarian projects that we will fund and our Global Foundation Advisory Committee will meet once a month at our headquarters in Oregon to work together brainstorming on how to make all our projects a reality.
So this, dear ones, is what has transpired so far. I know exactly what has to be done to accomplish my mission and there are many who I have shared my dream with who have indicated a desire to be involved. Needless to say, a project of this magnitude will need many people to make this a reality and if you have indicated a desire to be involved I welcome you and any others that you think might be in interested in assisting. Together we will make wonderful changes in our world.

Suzy Star
(541) 736-5150