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                       MY VISION FOR THE NEW WORLD!           July 2008

Dear Ones,

In the Fifth Dimension or the New World, there will be a new drive and a
motivation. This will be a driving force of an entirely new economic
system from what the earth has seen.

Today the world economic systems are made up of a system of greed,
selfishness, and a striving to win at all costs. All prestige, integrity, and
credibility is based on ones ability to gain wealth.
Today every citizen is placed in a position to compete with all the
other citizens of the world for the basics of survival, as well as the
wealth and abundance.
This was done to keep us so pre-occupied that we are oblivious to the
bigger picture that we are slaves to a few elites in this world. (This
has been going on for eons but is soon coming to an end as the starseeds
and lightworkers who have come here to assist us, along with our star
families are in the process of turning this around! Even Mother Earth
has made her decision to move into the Fifth Dimension and many of us
have chosen to move with her.) But let me continue with my explanation.

Under this system ones integrity is not an asset but a liability. Ones
integrity costs financially, if one is to keep his personal high values.

Although this system is a motivation for greed and dishonesty, it has
been the inspiration that has led to the worlds inventions and
technologies of today. Notice all the industries of defense and
preparation of war that have built the economies of the world. (All the
wars of the world were instigated by these elitist to keep us under
their control. They even finance both sides pitting one against the
other for their personal gain).

At first glance this looks like a wonderful system and many argue that
the free enterprise system is the best system and the only one that
really works for the world economies. The claim is made that this system
has raised the living standards of all people. In reality it has created
an elitist system.

Although the Bible says that money is the root of all evil this system
is motivated by the love of money. Let us investigate to see what the
results have been?

The first thing we see is that there is a large gap between those that
have wealth and power, and those who have nothing in the way of material
things, no power, or personal influence. (To me this smacks of divide
and conquer!)

So this elitist system has raised up a society of people who gained
prestige through their own personal greed and dishonesty to become the
leaders and the power brokers of the entire world. They have created
secret societies, associations and multi-national corporations to do all
sorts of evil deeds, while they try to wash themselves clean of any
involvement other than the financial gains they obtain.
These influential people control the political, military, medical,
financial and the police systems of the world. This has reached into
every area of ones life. Now they are putting forth efforts to control
the individual families of the world in brainwashing the young to create
the world that these elitist see as their utopia.
This group is in control of all the events taking place in the world.
This includes everything we see taking place in the world today. They
control the food supply, all illegal and legal drugs, and the prosperity
of the people of all nations. Every phase of our society is controlled
and manipulated by these elitists.

It is my understanding 10 individuals from 13 families make up the
controllers or the elitists of the world. These 10 individuals control
the seven central Banks and the world enterprise through their influence
by proxy. The Rockefellers and Rothchilds are among them.

Their method of control is through cause and effect by creating a
problem to create a desired effect for change. Over many years and many
planned crisis's they now have power through their web of influence.
They create the situation that causes an event to create the effect they
desire upon the world.

They control world finances, the flow of money into every political
party and politicalcause. This includes the passing of laws and the
election of individuals at every level of power and authority in every country.

They also work through secret societies and have influence through many
ungodly and satanic organizations, even the World religions and churches
are under their controlling influence, even if the religious leaders are
not aware of this.

They have a vast Global Web of influence and their method of control is
by proxy. Through their powerful web of influence they appear to be
invisible, yet they are able to orchestrate the creation of any event
through modern technology and by exercising their control by proxy over
almost any situation including Banking systems. They control the global
Multinational corporations, and they ultimately control of all world
leaders and governments by their secretive manipulation by proxy.

And all the while they have manipulated and encouraged a culture where
we now compete and try to outdo our neighbor. The result is the creation
of our present system where there is no trust and everyone has to watch
out for his own safety and security. Society has become very closed
where we no longer really know each other or care about each other.

This is evident in our every day life where rudeness and hostility is
the normal rather than the exception. Today everyone individually and
corporately has a personal agenda or motivation that is more important
to them than the mutual benefits of the entire society corporately.

They have used the many religions and spiritual organizations to become
private and closed only to the standards of its leaders. The bible and
many of it's teachings have been altered and changed to suit their
agenda. The educational systems that operate through the media and
communications systems are all motivated to distort certain truths to
further their causes and they are all owned and controlled by these few

It appears to me that the world economic systems are at a point of a
great power struggle to take absolute control of the entire earth and
this power struggle will end in their self destruction. This is the cost
of judgment and change that is taking place upon the earth to bring
forth the New World.
By 2012 all the forces of evil and all this power of control will be

In the New World there will be a new economic system that will be just
the opposite of all the principles of good economics as the world sees
economics today. This new system will be motivated not by greed or the
love of money, but will flourish by being open, honest, sharing, loving
others and friendship. No longer will there be power struggles of any

With the elimination of greed and hostility, there will no longer be any
need for military defense systems, security of any type, or police
forces we now see prominent through out the whole earth. As we move to
the consciousness of love, there will be no more wars, and all will
receive support, healing and equal opportunity for all.

There will no longer be the love of money and the accumulation of wealth
that has caused the destructive forces we now see upon the earth.
Economic growth will no longer be controlled by the raising of interest
rates and the constant rise in inflation will be turned to one of

All the starseed and lightworkers that have come here to assist in
ushering in the New World (or Garden of Eden or Fifth Dimension)  will
be the givers of their selves as well as the givers of all their
personal knowledge and assets. They will understand the values and the
laws of giving until everyone is abundant and there will be no more
illness or lack of anything. Free energy will be available to all.

In fact the starseeds and lightworkers will have everything, but will
have no private possessions or private ownership. They will have no
savings and they will withhold nothing for themselves. This lifestyle
will make them the people of greatest influence, wisdom, and prestige.
They will be admired and truly loved by all those living in the new
They will have no self agenda but will be teachers and givers striving
to be the best starseeds and lightworkers upon the earth.. These
starseeds and lightworkers heart and love of giving will make them great
among the teachers in the new world.
No matter how much they give, they will never be able to give all that
they have coming in. They will not be able to decrease their possessions
no matter how much they manage to give away. The wealth will always be
increasing to the giver, and they will always receive more than they are
able to give.

The reason is that everyone in the New World will realize and recognize
the laws of giving and will be giving to others, before one is able to
give away what he has, there will be many others who see that a need has
been created by the one giving. They will want to fulfill his need even
before he has a need.

There will be no hoarding of knowledge, wealth or assets. Abundance will
flow like a river without any dam or obstructions. It will be as if
giving is the great watering system that makes everything grow and
We may visualize a huge field made up of the finest trees of every kind
into a garden orchard. Each tree is being nurtured by the abundance of
water coming from everywhere, from the canals, from the wells, springs,
from the sprinkling system, and from the rain. Every tree has such an
abundance that the want to give away water to avoid a flood they cannot
contain, so the entire tree population of the entire field is sharing
and giving to others equally.

In addition the healing and supporting, the flowing of knowledge and
services to one another will flow equally among the New World. Whenever
there is any duty or chore to be done there will be many wanting to
perform each service or duty. Everyone will work together, helping and
supporting those who have chosen to make the transition to adjust to
their New World.

The result will be total trust and faith of everyone for each other
without any exceptions. Everyone will want to share all their joy and
happiness with all the others. There will be a continual party
atmosphere of sharing and giving to fulfill the others wants and
desires. Everyone will become telepathic as all lying, cheating and
deceit will become a thing of the past.

There will be such a sense of sharing, everyone will be more than
welcome anywhere within the entire New World. We will have no need of
private vehicles as our thoughts will be able to take us wherever we
wish to be in the blink of an eye.

Creative Communities will be built where everyone can live free of debt
and any financial worries and training will be furnished to assist them
in adjusting to our new world of abundance. Healing centers will be in
each community along with orphanages for the children without parents
where they can live in a nurturing atmosphere and receive all the
education and support they need as they grow into their adult hood and
take their place in our society. Everyone will have schooling available
to them so they can be trained to fit into their new world and be the
sovereign individuals that God wanted for all.

Libraries, Art Galleries, Museums and Performing Art Centers, providing
music and cultural events will be in each community so their history and
the beauty of their roots can be preserved and appreciated by all.
Relief Shelters will be constructed in each community to provide for
those who have been displaced and are making the transition into our New
World. Our starseeds and lightworkers will be available to work with
them to provide the healing and counseling necessary for them to take
their place in our communities.

Everyone will be honored and recognized as the God that they are by all
the others. Everyone will be loving and totally trustworthy. The person
with the least will always be the one with the most. Everyone in the New
World will be equal and will always be rushing to fill the others need.

We will be biding and living within the glory of God as the love and the
spirit of each of us has total freedom to move and express himself in
every individual in the entirety of the New World all at the same time
and all at once. And that my dear ones, is my vision of the Fifth
Dimension. Thank you for allowing me to share it with you.
Love, blessings & peace,
Suzy Star