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Bio for Suzy Star                                                                                                          Feburary 27,2016
My name is Suzy Star; I am a female who has been in this body for 86 years and am the mother of 5 grown children,10 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.
In January of 2004, I was called to move to Oregon, where I currently live, to work for a brilliant scientist, whose goal is to help the people of the world by improving their quality of life.  My business partner and I have been commissioned to place 250 Water Facilities along with 250 creative community centers around the world. The water is a fifth dimensional product that when consumed on a daily basis will raise the consciousness of the person consuming it... The centers will serve as a central place where people can come live and get healed, learn how to keep our earth clean and be sovereign.  For the past 10 years I have traveled extensively locating investors, locations for the centers and people who have the talent and desire to assist in building, training and running the centers. So far I have accumulated a crew of about 600 people who will be a part of this project once our funding has been obtained. Some of them are Doctors, who utilizing alternative healing methods, will make this technology available at the centers. Others have the expertise to design & build the centers that will be incorporate working farms where our food will be raised organically, utilizing permaculture techniques. In these past 10 years, I have met and recruited a vast array of talented people who will contribute many alternative energy products and technology so our centers have now evolved to become self sustaining communities where people can live and learn how to operate as sovereign individuals in the new world we are moving into. Our communities will provide Langenburg Water, alternative energy, orphanages, alternative hospitals, healing spas, disaster relief centers, senior quarters, individual home sites and all the other commodities necessary to live in a comfortable, self contained atmosphere.

Prior to my move to Oregon, I was living on a mini-farm in WA. near Olympia. My home in Washington was on 3 acres where I ran a Bed & Breakfast, with my daughter Joy. We raised chickens and I had an orchard of 12 fruit trees and a large vegetable garden with lots of raspberries and blackberries. We also had 2 turkeys and 4 cats. Our home was a large old, but beautiful 5 bedroom farmhouse. I also owned and operated a Company called “Creative Communications” and I sponsored seminars and workshops.To supplement my income, I also ran a small co-op supplying nutritional supplements. One of my projects was to conduct a “double blind study” of 2 nutritional supplements for a Doctor.  I was responsible for interviewing, selecting and overseeing the study which involved daily reports, monthly blood draws of 55 people and ran for a period of 4 months. This was the first test of its kind and resulted in National recognition for the Doctor involved. 
I lived in WA for 17 years. I was also in the Ramtha School for 18 years where I received valuable training that has made me the person I am today. I also was the master record keeper for the National Take Action Team that has members around the world, many who are light workers and star seeds who came to earth at this time, to take action in their part of the world to assist with the major changes that are taking place in our world. I was responsible for obtaining the applications of each member, cataloging and storing them on my computer. At the time I left, there were over 9000 members.

I moved To Washington from Hawaii in 1987 with my third husband. We ran a small farm for 2 years where we raised Turkeys that we butchered and sold for local consumers. We also were in charge of planning and preparing dinners for the local Lions Club. We parted company 2 years after we moved here and I loved not being attached...

After I left my husband, I first worked with a friend helping her set up and operate a small restaurant in Yelm, WA. Many of the recipes she used in her very successful restaurant were recipes that I had developed and served in my restaurant in Alaska.

I then became the Director and Manager of the Masters Center in Yelm, WA. that I ran for 3 ½ years. I was responsible for feeding large groups of people, providing accommodations for as many as 50 people at a time and sponsoring educational seminars and workshops for the community. I supervised a crew of about 15 people who I trained to run the day to day operations. We also provided large holiday parties. I was also a Costume Designer & Supervisor of the Costume Department for the WA. Performing Arts Center in Olympia  & the Drew Harvey Theater in Yelm, WA.  In addition I worked as a Professional Health Care Provider and Consultant for Thurston County Private Care Center. The owner of the Master Centers wife who had Alzheimer’s disease was under my personal care.

Prior to living in Washington, I resided in Hawaii for 10 years. I lived on the Island of Kauai. On Kauai I owned Real Estate & Development Company with a partner. I was the official representative for  “Previews” a national Real Estate Company that sells estate type properties. Several of my agents were local so I also sold lots of property for the local people. In addition, I sponsored workshops and seminars through my company, Creative Communications. I started this company to bring motivational and educational speakers for the education of the Realtors. As I became more spiritually evolved my company was used to bring more spiritual and meta-physical education to the Island, so many of my workshops were done with Kahuna's and other evolved individuals. One of the Kuhunas that I sponsored ending up moving to Kauai and relocated his international Huna Company to Kauai and is still there today.

Prior to Hawaii, I lived in Alaska for 2 years, having gone there with a new husband. In Alaska, we ran a famous  hunting and fishing lodge together. I had 12 employees that I supervised in all facets of the lodge which included a restaurant, bakery, cocktail lounge, gas station, convenience store, bait shop, cabins, a small motel, campsites, plus a canning, smoking and processing outlet for the Salmon. When that operation closed for the winter we then acted as consultants for a Native American Indian Tribe, assisting them in setting up and running a restaurant in the former Officers Club of a Military Base that was given to them as part of their tribal settlement with the US government. From there we moved into and managed a small resort hotel in Kenai with 22 rooms and a large restaurant that served an average of 250 dinners a day, plus a cocktail lounge that served a lot of local people as well as tourists. I was responsible for the Hotel accommodations, the restaurant and had 14 employees that I supervised. My specialty was my pies and soups and we sold an average of 50 pies every day.  I also started and operated a catering business during that time and used to cater sit down, 6 course dinners, for 200 at a time serving mainly off shore oil rig employees.

Prior to Alaska I lived in the Bay Area of CA for 18 years. During that time I held many positions. When I first moved there, my children were small and two were born there. As they got older I started doing volunteer jobs, most of which allowed my children to be involved. I was secretary for a large residents association of 5000 members. We attended many county meetings and I also did the newsletter for the residents association. Then I became their Activities Director where I masterminded and conducted fund raising and recreational activities. Some of the activities that I conducted were numerous parades, lighting contests, a Hooki'lau at the beach in Carmel, CA, Western Day Celebrations, Halloween Costume Contests, Easter and Christmas parades; and for the City of Sunnyvale I did Park Dedications. As grand Master of the Parades for the City of Sunnyvale, I was responsible for obtaining the participation of Drum and Bell Corps, Bagpipe Corps from Lockheed, the Military Bands from Moffet Field, the Mayor, the Governor,  and both Miss California and Miss USA. I also ran a teen club and ran an Economic Opportunity Program, along with a Priest and a graduate Stanford University student for disadvantaged children. Some of the activities that I personally arranged were Mountain Climbing with the Serra Club, Scuba Diving with the Scuba Divers Club and trips to the beach, San Francisco and Alcatraz for 50 children on each outing.

My other work experience included 7 years at Fairchild Semiconductor. There I worked my way up to become head of my department and became a supervisor of 16 women. Fairchild then paid my tuition and sent me to De Anza and Foothill College where I got the credentials necessary to become an Electronics Technician. I graduated with the second highest score in my class, surpassed only by one who had a major in Math. I was then assigned to the top 13 design engineers at Fairchild.  I took  their designs for integrated circuits, all the way through the whole process,including selecting the silicon "carrots" the circuits would be printed on, wrote the programs for them, built the necessary test boxes and tested them on the old IBM 360 computers. This was back in the days when we had to punch our own cards and write our own programs. In addition, because of my public relations ability and knowledge of the whole semiconductor process,  Fairchild used me to conduct tours through their facilities with the visiting engineers from all countries, working with and through an interpreter.

After an illness and a divorce at the age of 40, I left Faichild to enter a career where I could make enough money to support my 5 teenage children as my husband of 22 years was a hopeless alcoholic who was able to do little to support us.
 I started and ran a "Business by Barter Club" in 1973 that operated on a credit and debit system. This was back in the days when this type of venture was just being introduced to our current culture. We had a total of fifty businesses that I personally sold the plan to and after the business was successfully running, the owner sold the business for a handsome profit.
I also worked for a while with one of the top advertising agencies in Santa Clara County assisting a co-worker in putting together radio and television commercials for various businesses located in the valley. Another position I held was as a "Color Coordinator" for the “Top Interior Decorator” in Los Gatos. I traveled and worked directly with the interior decorator in choosing the carpeting, drapes, wallpaper, paints, furniture and decor for large Hotels, Condominiums, and commercial establishments in various locations in CA.

After working at various careers selling advertising, interior decorating, and the "Business for Barter" club, I finally realized that sales would allow me the freedom and the income to support my family so I obtained my real estate license. I was lucky to be accepted by what was considered the number one real estate agency in Santa Clara County at that time and away I went; making top salesgirl for Santa Clara County my very first year!  I applied for my Brokers license as soon as I was eligible and eventually left that firm and affiliated with another firm where I, as the managing broker, trained and supervised 9 agents. I stayed with that occupation until I moved to Alaska in 1976.
So that is what I call my 3-D history, now I will give you my spiritual history or what i call my unusual beginnings.

I am a Starseed! Or what some people today call an Indigo Child. I have been in this body for 81 years. I was born into a family of very tall, lean, dark haired, French, German & Indian parents. From the very beginning I was different. I was short with golden hair and eyes to match. I talked at a very early age and was walking when I was 5 months old. As far back as I can remember I told my parents that I was never going to die! That you did not have to grow old, that you could live forever.
I also told them they were not my real parents and that I came here on a mission. I knew that I had chosen this family for the lessons they could teach me. My parents thought I had an overactive imagination and being good Evangelical Christians, this was contrary to their belief system. More than once I picked myself up from the floor after being bashed up against the side of my head, fleeing from a Mother who couldn't understand me.
Needless to say I did not fit into my family very well and so spent a lot of time isolated from most humans and a lot of time hiding from my mother in her garden, conversing and being consoled by fairies, gnomes, and ET’s. Many tears were wiped away and bruises massaged by my little, “unseen to others”, friends. The little faries would sit on the petals of the flowers and talk to me and tell me that my Mother really loved me, it was just that I was so different that she could not understand me. 
I had a photographic memory, was ambidextrous and could read peoples thoughts. I also lapsed into some language that I know now was Andromedan but was not understood by my parents.  When I started school, the teacher did not know what to do with me as I was so advanced from the other children. I was promoted to a higher class several times but still did not fit in. I already knew what they were teaching the other children which really alienated me.
 I started playing “hooky” when I was in kindergarten.  I would start out for school and then I would hide in the alley behind a trash barrel. Many times when I was hiding out in the alley on the way to school, my Andromeda friends would come and get me and off I would go to my other school and to what  I knew was my real home where I felt loved and comforted and was able to communicate with what I knew was my family.  I had a very difficult time fitting in from another realm. It was like living in two worlds at the same time. A good deal of my life was spent in the other realm where I was much more at home.

At night after my parents went to bed, I would escape out the window of my bedroom and crawl up on the roof of our garage. As I lay there looking at the sky a bright light that looked like a star would come to me and envelope me in its light. I know now that it was like being caught up in the “arms of God”. I knew that I was being taken to my real home. It would slowly ascend with me in its center.  I could see the earth being left behind like a beautiful big balloon of emerald green. And then in a blink of an eye, I would then find myself in a lovely forested area with other children who were happily playing together. This was my home, this was Andromeda.
There were very tall older beings among us and they were very loving and kind. I loved being in their presence and felt very comforted and elated by this experience. They talked with us and told us many stories of which I don't exactly recall, but they were stories about loving and caring for one another and the importance of always being honest.

I spent many hours in a classroom where my teachers were luminous egg shaped spheres of light sitting at a long table in a classroom where there was a 3-D blackboard that seemed like it was suspended in the air and was shaped like a pyramid. Our communication was telepathic and there were many other students besides myself. There was a good deal of love that emanated from our teachers and the lessons just seemed to appear on the huge blackboard that seemed to be suspended from the ceiling of the room.  The language used were X's O's, Squares, triangles, cubes, circles and geometric shapes.  You could see all sides at the same time. I still to this day do not understand what I was learning but I suppose some day it will become clear to me.

 I know now that these were Polygonal symbols that are used to explain how the universe was created. Later I would awake in my bed having no knowledge of how I got there. This continued until the age of about 14 when I was shown things that I know now, are potential earth changes. These came to me in a nightmare that had me crying out that I didn't want to see any more and for them to go away. And they did!  I lost my photographic memory, most of my physic abilities and all my little friends stopped coming to me.

 I then immersed my self in human endeavors, finished high school, married at 16 and spent the next 24 years raising 5 children and doing all the things most humans do. At the age of 40, I was a mess. My husband was a helpless alcoholic and I was exhausted from being both Mother and Father to my 5 children. My health was failing, I was allergic to everything, survived pneumonia three times, developed asthma and was told by my doctor that I had a malignant tumor on my womb that needed to be removed.

 I was given a 40% chance of surviving the operation and due to all the allergies, had 9 specialists working on me in the operating room. During the 5 1/2 hour surgery I left my body and I remember going through what looked like a long tunnel with a light at the end and as I neared the end, the light became brighter. My whole life flashed before me and I was shown where I originated from and it was explained to me that I have been sent here  for a very important mission to help save the earth and restore it to the beauty I have seen as a child on my homeland that I used to travel to. I saw my classroom and my ET family and my teachers who looked like luminous eggs. I was told that it was time for me to go back for I had lots of work to do and that I had agreed to come here on a very important mission.

I then observed the whole scene of myself on the operating table from the ceiling of the operating room while the Doctors worked to bring me back to life. I don't have much more recall of that scene as the memory was again blocked, except that I came out of that ordeal a different person with very little respect for the medical professionals.
 I vowed never to go to a regular doctor again and except for a few bone fractures to this day I have not. Bless my good family doctor who when I made this statement to him and described to him the scene and conversation of the Doctors who were in attendance, gave me a list of vitamins and minerals to take and told me if I would  take them religiously that I would never have to go to another Doctor.
When I returned to my home I sat down with my husband and told him I no longer wished to be married to him. I ended my 22 year marriage, took my 5 children and proceeded to make a new life for myself. That was the best thing that ever happened to me and I thank my God for doing what needed to be done to push me to make these changes!

Since that operation, I have been gradually remembering the things that occurred to me in my early childhood and about my experiences that I had in what I thought was my dream state. I know now that my origins were in the Andromeda's and that I came here on a mission that is gradually being revealed to me. This is why I told my parents that I did not belong here and that they were not my real parents.

The most important thing that all of us need to be aware of is "We Are Not Our Body" Our spirit which is a vehicle for our soul, created this body. It is our responsibility as long as we are in this body, to take good care of it. Our body is probably the most magnificent thing that we ever created. It was designed to live hundreds, if not thousands of years. We don't have to grow old and decrepit. That is all negative programming that was instilled into us by our controllers
many eons ago. Unfortunately we bought into this attitude but we can change it!

Are you aware that we completely replace all the blood in our body every 10 months? Well we do and science has proven this. We replace our muscle every 18 months and every 24 months we completely replace our bones. We carry the memory in our cells of being able to re-grow our limbs and teeth and an immortal life and so what does this mean?
It means that if we continually improve the quality of nutrients we give our body and focus on a strong healthy body that lives forever, we are assisting our body in improving its condition and triggering the cells to reverse us back to our prime.
We need to raise the vibrations of our body to that of higher consciousness and fill our thoughts with love and compassion for all people and all things. Don't you find that exciting?
 I don't know about you, but I want to live as long as I can in a young, healthy, vibrant body. I want to grow wiser not older!  I love my body and want to take it with me. I find it is a wonderful vehicle in which to house my soul, therefore I will continue my quest to supply it with the very finest nutrients and become as consciously aware as possible to insure its success and will continue to see my body as the strong, healthy, energetic body I had in my youth.
Since our thoughts are things and our bodies are at least 70% water, we have the ability to affect these changes in our lives by purity of the thought of love for all of humanity. God is love!

I want to grow in more wisdom, like the "Masters of the Far East", not grow old and become crippled with disease, only to end up six feet under. I have been there, done that in other life times. It is time now to develop my consciousness so that I can be here in a healthy state to see and enjoy all the wonderful earth changes that I came here to witness and help take place.

 I know that my mission in this life is to assist in raising the consciousness of the world so that everyone who survives the earth changes and the days to come will have a wonderful place to live where there will be no more wars, sickness, disease and hatred. A place where there will be no more slavery and everyone will be sovereign and love will prevail.

I have been shown the way that this can happen and I am in the process of reversing my aging so I will have the young, healthy body necessary to complete my mission. I have been blessed by wonderful companions that are working with me to see this to fruition. I thank my god, my wonderful Andromedan family and all the other starseeds that are working together to accomplish our mission.

My Current Powerful Intention(s):

I intend to assist in making some major changes in this world. My intention is to travel all around the United States and the whole world to set up facilities that will raise the consciousness and to oversee the re-education of people who are interested in becoming sovereign and want to keep our earth in a pristine condition once the clean-up has been accomplished.

My Life Purpose:

I know that everything that has happened to me in this lifetime has prepared me for the major changes for our world that I will be a part of. My memory of my Andromedan life was removed so that I could learn what it was like to be a human. This gives me the ablilty to relate better to those I have come here is assist in evolving to our new dimension.

My Values:

To always help as many people as I can to be loving and considerate of others. The "Golden Rule" is my motto.

My Vision:

To assist this world into the 5th dimension where our world will be returned to it's pristine condition and we will all revert in age to our prime condition where there will be no more disease or illness and we will be telepathic and able to manifest whatever we need whenever we need it and travel wherever we need to go in a moment of time.

If you are part of this ever expanding group of fellow starseeds, I salute and honor you for the role you are playing in making this earth a better place to live and if we share the same dream and you would like to play an active roll in our project, I welcome you in whatever capacity you choose to participate.  Together we are changing the world!


As many of you are aware, I came into this life fully awake and aware of my origin as an Andromedan. I have explained that in another posting and so I will just refresh your memory by relating how that memory was removed from my awareness.

When I was 14 years of age, I woke my whole family with a horrible nightmare. While I was not able to relate the details to my family, I was being shown the devastation of the changes that were to occur on our earth.
 The destruction that was being shown to me in my dream was so traumatic that I cried out that I did not want to see any more and for them to go away and leave me alone! And that they did! Within two weeks after having had that dream, I lost all my telepathic abilities, my photographic memory left me and I lapsed into a very 3-D existence.
This continued until I was 40 years of age, when I died on the operating table, I was taken through a tunnel and shown my life and my origins.
 I was then returned to the operating room and hovered over my body, observing the procedure and listened to the 9 physicians that were attending the operation. When I came out of that operation, I was a changed person and that is another story that I have related earlier in another post.
 So suffice it to say that much of what was revealed to me that day was again removed from my conscious awareness and I was allowed to progress at my own rate of gradually waking up spiritually.
 I had a long journey ahead of me and retained only enough memory to allow me to function in a manner that would allow me the opportunity to experience the other lessons that I needed to learn to bring me to the point where I am today.
While living on the Island of Kauai, I used to have a lot of visitors and it was most unusual to have less than a dozen people staying at my house at one time. I was showing the Ramtha videos at my home and it was advertised in the local newspaper so I had lots of people whom I had never met show up.
 Do to the remoteness of area where I lived, I didn’t think much of it, when this beautiful couple showed up on my doorstep. At the time, I didn’t even notice their mode of transportation but afterward realized that they did not come by automobile and the day they left, they just disappeared.
 Now I know that they were ET’s. They introduced themselves as Light and Borg. She was a beautiful, dark haired woman with almond shaped eyes and a peaches and cream completion. Borg was very fair, tall, muscular, and had blond hair and blue eyes.
 I just assumed they had come to watch the Ramtha videos so I invited them in, introduced them to the other guests and left them with my other guests while I returned to my kitchen and continued with my dinner preparations.
On the second day after they had arrived, Light approached me and told me that if I had someplace private where we could talk that she had a message for me.
 I took her into my bedroom and closed the door. She suggested that I might want to tape what she had to tell me and so I set up my cassette recorder and we sat cross legged, facing one another on my bed.
 She immediately went into a meditative state as I recorded her message to me. She said I could ask her questions and not knowing what to ask, as I really was just starting to become aware spiritually, I asked her about my relationship with various friends. She answered my questions and then went on to give me her message.
When she finished, I wrote “Light” on the tape and then threw it in a box of Ramtha tapes that I had in my bedroom and promptly forgot about it.
 The next day, toward dinner time, I noticed Light and Borg were no longer there, and when I inquired about their whereabouts with my other guests, no one seemed to know. They just simply were not there anymore. Again, I just shrugged it off, thinking they had not said goodby because there was so much going on that they did not want to interrupt.
Years later, 18 to be exact, I had moved from Washington State to Oregon and had tossed the box of Ramtha tapes in my car to listen to when I arrived at my new home.
 After I settled in that day, I sat down to listen to a tape and the first one I pulled out of the box had “Light” written on it. Flashing back on that day in Kauai, I realized I had not listened to that message since the day it was made.
So I popped it into my machine and was astounded by the message it contained. Light told me that I originated as a light being from another galaxy in another dimension, on a planet called “Zersha”.
 I was the goddess of love and traveled to other planets in other dimensions as a light being, teaching others how to integrate love with their technology. (No matter how evolved you are technically, if you do not express love, you will fail).
She told me that I fell in love with the Andromedans when I visited them and when I decided to incarnate as a human; my first incarnation in a body was as an Andromedan. This is why I say I am an Andromedan.
After I incarnated as an Andromedan, I continued traveling and teaching.  She then said that I traveled to many other planets and that I had visited the Pleiades on many occasions and eventually took a partner from the Pleiades. We then went on to travel together teaching unconditional love to many other people.
She then went on to tell me that the reason I love Kauai so much was that it had been my original entry point on the earth. I had incarnated there as a Lemurian back in the days of Ramtha (35,000 years ago) and that I had lived there underground with Ramtha.
This of course was just my first incarnation on mother earth as I have had many lifetimes on the earth since that time and many other lifetimes on Kauai.
Anyway she then went on to tell me that I had come to earth this time to assist the earth and her people in making some major changes. 
She said my Pleiadian friend would join me and we would travel around the earth sharing a special water and teaching unconditional love again to those who survived the earth changes that would occur.
Well you can imagine how that affected me as I had just recently, the year before, met my Pleiadian friend and had just moved to Oregon to work for a brilliant scientist who had commissioned my pleadian partner and me to put 250 water facilities, along with community centers around the world.
The water would help raise the consciousness of all who consumed it. The community centers would provide a place for the people who survive the earth changes to get healed. A place where they can learn how to keep our beautiful earth clean after our brilliant scientist using the technology he has been given, cleans our earth.
This to me, is just more verification of what my mission is on this earth and explains why everything that has happened to me in this lifetime has been preparing me for this job.
So again, dear ones, if you have a desire to be involved in this project, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to explore this further.
Love & Blessings,
Suzy Star