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When the vision of the community centers first appeared in my consciousness, all I got was 6 circles in a circle. This was sometime in 1996 as far as I can remember. It was at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment where I have been a student since 1985.
 We have a discipline that involves drawing something that we want to manifest on a 4 X 6 index card. Before we do this we are instructed to go into meditation and focus on something we would like to have in our lives. When these circles first appeared I had no idea what they were or what they meant but I went with my vision and drew the 6 circles in a circle. The discipline calls for us to make two cards and my second meditation resulted in the vision of an infinity sign. This infinity sign had been appearing to me for several years and I had found this card on several occasions.
 I must interrupt my story here to explain a little about this discipline so the rest of the story will then make more sense. There are usually around 1000 people in attendance for these events. After we make our two cards, they are passed to the guards who shuffle them and take them to a football sized field that is enclosed with a white 3 rail horse fence. The cards are fastened, with the items we drew, facing the fence with one card being placed on the top rail and another card placed on the second rail. The cards are attached to the fence with duct tape at the top so the card can be lifted for viewing without removing the card and only the blank side of the card can be viewed from the field.
We are then escorted to the field and are instructed to place our blindfolds on. We then sit down in the field and meditate and then focus on our cards. After a short while, we are instructed to stand up and spin around in place in a circle for a few minutes, and then we are asked to spin in the opposite direction.
When the signal is given, we place our hands out in front of us with the palms together in the C & E position and proceed to walk toward what we envision is our card on the fence.
When we reach the fence in front of a card, we may lift our blindfolds, lift up the bottom of the card that is in front of us to see if it is ours. We are then allowed to do the same with the card that is immediately below the top card that has been placed on the second rail.
If neither of the cards are ours, we then pull our blinders back down, turn around and resuming the same hand position, walk out into the field away from the fence in pursuit of finding our card on the next fence.
If one of the cards is our card, we are then allowed to remove the card from the fence and proceed to find a guard who tapes the card to the front of our chest. Needless to say this evokes a lot of cheering on our part and from the others of up to 1000, on the field who share in our excitement.
Now if and when we find both cards, we then go back to the arena and make two more cards. Then we go back to the field, find a guard, give him our new cards, and put our blinders back on while the guard, who makes sure we do not see him, fastens our new cards to the two rails of the fence.
 We then stand at the edge of the field with our back to the fence, spend a few minutes focusing on what we have drawn on our card and then proceed to walk again among the 1000 other students who are focusing on finding their cards also.
I had been participating in this discipline for several years before the circles came into my vision and had been very successful in finding my cards. It was not unusual for me to end up at the end of the day with 2, 3 or more cards on my chest. Over the years I had collected a box full of cards that I had found while doing this discipline and am happy to say that most if not all the things I had drawn on my cards had manifested!
We never knew how long we would be on the field. It has been as little as a ½ hour to once when we had a marathon of 12 hours at a time for 6 nights in a row.
 I was in the school when it first started in 1988 and continued till 2004 when I moved to Oregon. I attended every session allowed from the very beginning of each year and our sessions could last from just one evening to events that lasted for as many as 40 days. Our retreats were usually for 10 days to 2 weeks and   during those times; we stayed at the school so we spent a lot of time over the years, on the field doing this discipline.
So to go back to the story; once these circles started appearing, I went for about 4 years without finding my card. Every time we were asked to make a card these circles were all that would come to me.
 However, each time I started getting more details in my meditation. The first circle that filled in for me became a theater. It was so real for me that I actually saw myself standing in the middle of this beautiful theater in the round, complete with seats, isles, beautiful paintings on the domed ceiling, stage, drapes, and a balcony. It was so real that I could smell and feel the velvet upholstery on the theater chairs.
 Then the next circle started filling in and it was a healing center, with a spa, then the others filled in, becoming a school for children, a hostel, an adult education center and finally a dining facility. and then it came to me that this was a community center.
Each time we made a card more and more of the details were revealed until each dome became complete with all their interior features imprinted in my mind. They became so real that I felt I was actually standing in each and every one of them. I could smell the paint and the carpeting and the foliage that graced each building. Gradually over the years I became intrigued with all the beautiful features of each unique building. In my mind, I would visit each dome & dance around inside adding little additional touches in each one.
 Once all the details of the circles were revealed to me, then the center of the circle that these domes created started filling in with a beautiful water fountain in the very center. Then I saw beautiful statues, sculptures, seating areas and a path that formed a six pointed star around the circular center with lovely plants, flowers and shrubs within the spaces of the star that reminded me of lovely botanical gardens. I would get lost in my mind wandering around in the lovely atmosphere that these buildings created. Sometimes some of the details would come to me in dreams, so when we were asked to make our cards, I already had a picture in my mind.
 Each of the dome buildings was connected by covered walkways with meditation areas and outdoor eating areas in between. There was one covered circular path inside the circle of domes where one could walk all around and there were circle drives leading to the front of each building where guests could be dropped off.
 After a few years of making this card with more details being added over and over, it was finally completed. And each time I would spend hours on the field looking for my card and still I did not find it.
Finally one day after we had just had a teaching on being the observer and getting out of ego, we had been out on the field for about 3 or 4 hours and I was getting tired and discouraged. I stood for a few minutes at the edge of the field with my back to the fence and I started talking to my spirit and to Ramtha.
My thoughts were, “You know, I have never built anything like this before! If this is an ego trip I am on, I need to know this. I can let this go! I don’t need to do this, but if this is indeed what I am supposed to do, I need some sign.”
 Then I took off across the field and immediately went right to the fence and found my card! When I lifted that card and saw that it was my community center, I let out a yell that would have woke the dead and then the tears started flowing as I was caught up in the emotion of it. 
I looked out into the field to find a guard and about half way down the field standing in the middle, was the Ram looking at me with a smile on his face and his arms folded across his chest! I found my guard, got my card taped to my chest and then with added enthusiasm took off in pursuit of the other card.
 I didn’t find the second card before the field was called but as I was walking in the field a little light bulb went off on the left side of my head and the realization came to me, my center was to be called the Infinity Community Center.
That evening we had a wine ceremony and I had walked over to speak with some friends. As I was making my way back to my seat, I felt tremendous serge of energy and when I looked up, there was the Ram gently pushing people aside as he made straight for me. He came up to me, took both my hands and kissed them, then kissed my forehead, leaned back and looked deep into my eyes and said, “Yes, Lady this is your mission!”
Well needless to say I was really elated after that and the next day, I formed a non- profit organization and opened a bank account for the center. That evening I had gone to my local farmer to pick up some fresh milk and as I drove out of his driveway, across the road was a lovely farm with an almost new barn with a rainbow painted on the side of it.
 Now I had been going to this farmer to purchase my milk for a good year and had never noticed this farm or barn before. I turned around and went back to the farmer to inquire who owned that property. He told me the name of the farmer and suggested I go to his house and talk with him.
When I told the farmer that I intended to purchase his property and build a community center on it he was so elated that he invited me to go for a ride with him on his tractor. He put me in the front loader and drove me all around his beautiful 110 acre farm and showed me every nook and cranny on that farm!
 He was so proud of his gardens, orchards, and fields where he raised his food for his animals and his spring fed pond that had trout it in.
 When we went in the barn and I saw all his healthy, happy animals, I knew that he had to remain a part of this place and so I told him that once I manifested the funds, I would build the center and that I would retain him to be the “on site care taker” and have him teach the children how to farm and take care of the animals in addition to their other schooling.
Tears of joy and gratitude rolled down his weathered cheeks and we shared a few more minutes of joyful reunion before I departed.  I told him I did not know when the funds for this project would manifest but that I would be back to see him when they did.
This was in the early part of 2003 and it was in the fall of that year that I met Max Langenburg and was guided to move to Oregon to be a part of his project.
I never forgot about my community center and often pondered why it had never come together. In March of 2004 I went back to the school to attend our spring retreat.
By this time the discipline had evolved to walking the field in a meditative state from one end to the other while focusing on the card that we had placed at the opposite end. I was really pondering why my center had never come together when all of a sudden the little light bulb went off on the left side of my brain and it came to me. Oh my god, I am not just supposed to build one community center! We are going to need these everywhere around the world.
The last day of the retreat came and I was sitting near the exit door of the arena as I needed to leave early for the long drive back to Oregon. Ramtha came to talk to those of us who were leaving and standing not more than four feet from me, he said, “We are right on the brink of some major changes that are going to occur on this earth”, and looking at me, he said “and you lady, are going to play a major role in this”.
 To me this was further verification that this was indeed my mission and I could hardly wait to get back to Oregon to get started on my mission.
So this is my story about how the community centers were conceived and I have described in the following few pages as best as I am able, a more detailed plan for the centers. Obviously more features and details will surface as each center is built but the basic plan needs to be used as much as possible to take advantage of the energy vortexes and ley lines in the locations which my partner and I will very carefully locate.
 Once we have obtained these parcels we will then call in our experts who will do the layout and design for each site. Then the fun of building, landscaping, furnishing and obtaining the indigenous art work, sculptures, fountains, and plants for the project will begin. Talented people will be picked to run the centers and take care of the many details in recruiting local people to staff the centers on an ongoing basis.
Lovingly, reverently yours,
Suzy Star