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These Creative Communities will be built around the world in addition to at least one community in each state in the US. For these creative communities to be successful there will be a need for a large group of people with many different talents all working together to make the communities self-sufficient.

The list below is far from complete but will give you some input on the various positions that need to be filled. We need people who have the talent to build the communities and once the communities are built we will need many people to maintain and run the various operations.

People with Economical backgrounds, bankers, librarians, bakers, clothiers, teachers, healers, etc. etc. The list goes on and on. If you have a desire to be involved in this project, please contact us and let us know your location, your interest in participation and level of expertise. Below is a partial list of some of the positions that will need to be filled. 

 Building Biologist, Permaculturist, Site Developer, Project Overseer,  Project Developer,  Building Developer, Landscape Designer, Organic Gardeners,  Assistants to all above .

Water Fountain Engineers,  Geodesic Dome Designers,  Path Constructors,  Sculptor & Statue Procurers, Geomantic Planning Designer,  Performing Arts Center Designer,  Performing Arts Center Developer, Performing Arts Procurer,  Performing Arts Interior Decorator,  Performing Arts Manager,  Performing Arts Engineer,  Performing Arts Center Personnel, Healing Center Layout & designer,

 Healing Center Interior Designer,  Healing Center Spa Developer, Healing Center Overseer & Manager, Healing Center Practioners,  Healing Center Maintenance Personnel, Healing Center Councilor,  Hostel Interior Developer,  Hostel Project Co-coordinator,  Hostel Interior Decorator, Hostel Maintenance, Hostel Manager,  Hostel Personnel Director,  Hostel Public Hostess,  Hostel Maids,

 Director Children’s School Administrators, Children’s School Teachers,  Children’s School Consultants, Children’s School Councilors, Adult Education Administrators,  Museum Curators, Art Gallery personal, Antique Dealers and procurers,  Futuristic Chefs,  Futuristic Food Consultants,  Permaculturists,  Misc. Personnel and many others.

  If you have a desire to be involved please send me an email with your resume or bio and describe how you foresee participating in this project. We welcome any suggestions or ideas you would like to contribute. suzystar@earthlink.net